Aurelius Investments
Connecting strong capital base, international contacts and a large team of experienced specialists

AURELIUS is a publicly-listed Special Situation private equity firm, with offices in Munich, London, Stockholm and Madrid. We focus on the acquisition of companies with operational potential across Western Europe. AURELIUS is an investor for complex deals including turnarounds and the acquisition of profitable underperformers or business portfolios from corporates, owner managers, entrepreneurs, private equity investors, banks & funds.

Our current portfolio comprises 22 businesses across the following sectors: industrials, chemicals, business services, consumer, food & beverages and TMT. We look to improve the performance of our portfolio businesses by providing management capabilities and the necessary financial resources for investment.

Dr. Dirk Markus

Dr Dirk Markus studied business administration in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and Copenhagen, Denmark, and was awarded a Ph.D by the University of St. Gallen and Harvard University, Boston, United States.

Dr Markus has been involved with the restructuring and further development of companies for more than 15 years, starting as a consultant with McKinsey & Company and then with an exchange-listed industrial holding company.

During this time, he has been responsible for more than 60 corporate transactions. Dr Markus is CEO of AURELIUS and responsible for the overall strategy of the AURELIUS Group.

Founded in:
Anger Palais, Unterer Anger 3, Munich, 80331, Germany
Investment Team

We are targeting opportunities with the following requirements:
- Equity sweet spot between £1m and £50m
- Pan-European private and public companies with revenues £25m to £1bn
- Offering operational improvement potential
We are prepared to invest in incomplete companies or those facing strategic hurdles or that are under-invested in terms of personnel, sites or equipment

Our points of competitive advantage include:
- Listed (by nature highly liquid, without dependency on fundraising)
- Combination of skill-sets (senior operating executives work alongside experienced investment professionals brings a breadth of perspective and expertise which benefits all parties)
- Not exit driven, can be long-term investor
- Sector agnostic, with strong expertise across: industrials, chemicals, business services, TMT & consumer

We bring a number of benefits to a vendor:
- Typically balance sheet funding our transactions (removing need for 3rd party financing)
- Focus is on deliverability: responsive appraisal, structuring, decision making & execution
- Undertake commercial due diligence ourselves, rather than relying on external advisors
- Experienced & empowered team with capability and mandate to structure deals to fit individual circumstances
- Flexibility to accommodate vendor requirements

Main Office
Anger Palais, Unterer Anger 3 80331 Munich, Munich, Germany
3rd Floor, 1 Savile Row London W1S 3JR, London, United Kingdom

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